Best Pulse Oximeter In 2020 Reviews For You

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Pulse Oximeter available to buy in 2020. You can buy them online on sites like Amazon and use it to self test on your own.

But before we look into the best Pulse Oximeter, we should first know why we want to use it in the first place. Right? Since knowing what it actually does will help us in making a better decision on which one to buy. Do you agree with me? Great! So then let us do just that. Let us first learn what is the use of a Pulse Oximeter.

What Is A Pulse Oximeter?

A Pulse Oximeter is a medical device used to test and monitor the amount of oxygen present in a person’s blood. So that is what it does. It just looks for the amount of oxygen present in a person’s blood and alert you in case if this drops below a certain level!

Alright. It all sounds great. But here are the next set of question we will have then. Why are we monitoring the amount of Oxygen in the blood in the first place? What is the use of it? What makes it so important?

You must be having these questions right? Great! So let us try to dig further to understand why we need to monitor the amount of Oxygen in our blood in the first place. Alright? Cool! Here we go!

Why to measure oxygen in blood?

So as you all know, we get oxygen into our body by breathing. Right? But why does our body need oxygen in the first place? Hmm..let me explain you.

So here is the thing. You all agree that we need to energy to move around right? But did you know that, that is not the only time we spend energy from our body? Yes, you read that right!

Because, even if we are not moving around and decide to sit in a place, we will still continue to burn energy in our body. So why is that, you ask? That is because the organs in our body also needs energy to function.

So our body organs such as heart, kidney, liver, lungs etc all need to burn some amount of energy in them to continue their function. As a result, we will continue to burn energy even when we are sitting or sleeping idle in a corner of our house!

Alright. We understood all that, but what is the role of oxygen in all this, you ask? Well, that is a great question!

So you see, every time we want to burn energy, we need oxygen to do so! Now, I don’t want to go in detail on why that is the case and bog you down with too much of information.

So if you are really curious about it, I will ask you to go read more about Oxygen from this Wikipedia article. But for the rest of the case, just know that oxygen is required to burn calories to release energy.

Does that make sense? Great! Then let us move on to our next question.

How is oxygen transported in our body?

So now we know that we need oxygen to release energy in our body, right? Cool! But here is the thing. We breath oxygen into our body right.

But how does this get transported to all other parts of our body? Yes, you guessed it right! It is through the blood flowing in our body. So, the blood will carry oxygen along with many other useful things in it through out the body.

So this is the real reason why we want to test the amount of oxygen in our body. Because measuring this will tell us how healthy our body is. And if you have symptoms of sickness, breathing problem or Corona symptoms, you will be able to detect it by measuring the blood oxygen level!

Phew! That was quite a bit of information to read through, right? We know! But without going into this much of detail, it is very difficult to explain the role of measuring oxygen in blood. So we had to do so! But I hope it was all worth it. I hope it was a good learning for you guys!

So now that we know why we need to measure oxygen levels in blood, let us now learn how the Pulse Oximeter helps us in doing that.

So in other words, we will learn know the Pulse Oximeter works. Alright? Now don’t get alarmed when I say this. Because I know that not many of you will have a technical background. Or you people really want to know the nitty gritty details of it. So do not worry. I wont bog you down with any technical details.

We will just learn how a Pulse oximeter works at a higher level. Sounds good? Great! So let us get going then!

How Does A Pulse Oximeter Work?

So we learnt earlier that blood is the transporter of oxygen in out body, right? But I need to clarify this one other thing. The blood carries oxygen using what are called Haemoglobins molecules. So they are the actual transporters of the oxygen in our blood. Like cars on our roads, Alright?

Oxygenated & De-Oxygenated Haemoglobin Molecules

So the haemoglobin molecules having oxygen in them are called oxygenated haemoglobin. While on the other hand, the one which do not have oxygen in them yet are called de-oxygentated haemoglobin.

So why am I talking about all that when learning how a Pulse Oximeter work?

Well, you see the way a Pulse Oximeter works is by using the physical properties of this molecule – haemoglobin.

Wait what? So we need to learn about its physical characteristics now? Hmm…no not really.

I will not bog you down with too many details on the haemoglobin’s physical properties. But what I will do is to focus on only one of it’s physical property – its light absorption property.

So you see, when a haemoglobin molecule is carrying oxygen in it, it can observe all the light rays passed into it. On the other hand, when it does not have oxygen in it, it lets the light rays pass through it.

So it is using this property that the Pulse Oximeter is built.

Wait, how does that work then?

So what happens in a Pulse Oximeter is that you are asked to insert your finger into a slot in it. Now when you do that, the Pulse Oximeter will pass light rays through your finger. It will then try to read the amount of light passed through your finger.

So in that way, it can detect the amount of oxygen present in your blood. Pretty neat to use Physics like that. Isn’t it? 🙂

So now that we have a pretty good understanding of how a Pulse Oximeter works, it is now time for us to see which are the best Pulse Oximeters available in 2020 for us to buy online. Are you ready? Great! Let us go ahead then!

Best Pulse Oximeter To Buy In 2020

1. Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate Pro Pulse Oxiemeter - 500DL Series
Zacurate Pro Pulse Oxiemeter – 500DL Series

The Zacurate Pro 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that you can carry around without any issues. But the best thing about this is not that. The reason why we recommend this is because of its “Self Adjusting Spring Feature”.

So what does that mean? It means that you can use this device to test people with different finger size. So in other words, you can use this single Pulse Oximeter device to test both yourself and your children as well!

The Oxygen level readings are displayed on its bright LED display that are easier to read both in indoor and outdoor conditions.

In addition to this, the Zacurate Pro Pulse Oximeter also comes with free battery pack that can give you upto 30 hours of power to run the Oximeter.

You can buy this Best Pulse Oximeter on Amazon.

2. Santa Medicals Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Gen 2 SM-165

Our next pick of the best Pulse Oximeter in 2020 goes to Santa Medicals’ Gen 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

Best Pulse Oximeter of 2020 - Santa Medicals Gen 2 SM-165
Best Pulse Oximeter of 2020 – Santa Medicals Gen 2 SM-165

So this Pulse Oximeter device is again handy and portable, just like the earlier one. However, where it excels is in its bright OLED screen used to display the results. Now as you can see form the image above, the SM-165 Pulse Oximeter also displays your heart beats using nice graphics.

The batteries that come with this Pulse Oximeter works for 30 hours as well. Just like our previous Pulse Oximeter.

So all in all it one of the best Pulse Oximeter out there that is simple to use!

You can buy SM-165 Pulse Oximeter from Amazon here.

So that is it. These were some of the best Pulse Oximeters we could find in 2020 that you can buy online. Do let us know if you need any help in making your purchasing decision by leaving comments below. We will be glad to assist you in that. Alright?

So take care & see you until next time! Cheers!

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Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Answers For January 2020

In this article, we will take a look at the Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz. So we will look at the questions asked in this quiz and try to answer them!

Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Jan 2020
Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Jan 2020

So the thing is, Amazon is running this Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz to let people know of it’s sale. Hence, to spread more details on it, it is running this quiz.

Therefore, all the questions in it’s Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz is on that!

Hmm, this will then bring us to this next question then. What are the questions in the quiz that Amazon is asking in that case? Will we be able to answer them?

Don’t you worry on that! Even though they are all about the Amazon sales, we will still be able to answer them all with ease!

Cool! Then, let us start to take a look at the quiz now! Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Answers

1. Using which bank’s credit card can you avail up to 10% instant discount on shopping during the Great Indian Sale on


2. No Cost EMI can be availed on products above ____ value?

Rs 3000

3. Golden hour deals are exclusive app only deals for you during the Great Indian Sale. When can you avail the Golden hour deals?


4. Prime members get early access to the Great Indian Sale. When does the sale start for them?

12noon, 18th Jan. Check the calendar here.

5. When does the Great Indian Sale start for all customers on

19th Jan Check the calendar here.

So there you have it! We just answered all the questions in the quiz. And none of them was difficult, is it not?

As you can see from the above quiz, all of the questions in them were talking about the coming Amazon sales event. But we could answer all the questions just by looking into their sales page on their website. So none of the questions were outside this.

What is so cool about this quiz is that if we win it, we will get a prize money of Rs.25,000! Isn’t this awesome!

So let us hope we win this one! All the best guys!

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