BMI Calculator For Men

In this article, we will take a look at the BMI calculator for men. So, using this calculator, you will be able to check your Body Mass Index. But it wont stop just at that. Because this BMI tool will also tell you if you are over weight, under weight or at the normal weight.

BMI Calculator for Men

BMI Calculator For Men
BMI Calculator For Men Online

Calculate your BMI by entering your body weight and body height in the fields given below:

Enter Your Weight (in Kg):
Enter Your Height(in cm):

Your BMI Value Is:

Check what your resulting BMI value means over here.

So how is knowing your Body Mass Index value going to help you? Well, it is quite simple. You see, the BMI tool gives out BMI value for your body. So using this BMI value, you can check if you are at the right body weight for your age and height.

Now if you are in the normal BMI range, then all is well and good. But in case you are not, then it will tell you if you are under the normal body weight or over the normal weight.

So knowing if you are under weight or over weight will help you in figuring out what you should eat.

Wait what? How is that?

Yes, you read that right. Because if your BMI is not in the normal weight range, then you need to change your eating habits. Or in other words, you need to change your diet.

But why? Well, it is because if you are under weight, you will need to eat more food that is rich in calories. But on the other hand if you are under weight, you need to eat food with fewer calories.

That makes sense right? So that is why we will use the BMI Calculator for Men to find out what you should be doing about what you eat.

But before we go ahead using the BMI calculator for men, we should first know what is it, right? So we will start from there!

What Is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index or BMI is a value that we get by dividing our body weight by the square of our body height. So in other words, we can calculate BMI using the formula:

BMI = (Body Weight in kg) / (Body Height in meters)²

So what doe this equation of BMI index mean? What is it doing logically?

What does a BMI calculate?

So as you can see above, we are using two values of our body to calculate our BMI. We take the body weight in Kilograms and divide it by the square of our body height given in meters.

So what does that mean? What do you think we are calculating here?

Logical Explanation Of BMI Calculator For Men

Well, in simple terms, we are just trying to see how much of a body mass we have per square meter, isn’t it. So in a way, we are trying to calculate the mass occupied by our body in a given square meter area!

It is as simple as that!

How Is BMI Calculator For Men Useful?

So now that we know how to calculate the BMI for men, we need to ask the next question. How is BMI going to be useful for us?

So here is thing. If you are a healthy man, you will be physically fit. Which in turn means that your physical appearance will also be good, right. So what tells us that? Well, for the most cases it is going to be your height and weight.

Makes sense, right?

Well think about it. If you are physically active, you will be burning most of the calories that you eat in any given day. Right? Which means that your body will have less body fat stored and well built muscles as you do more activities. Right?

So in that case, there will be a specific body weight for your body height which will be considered ideal. Correct? So that is exactly what BMI for men is giving us!

Bod Mass Index Range

BMI Range

Now that we what a BMI is,it is time to learn about the BMI range. So we calculated the BMI value. That is all well and good. But what does the value even mean? How will we know if we are over weight, healthy weigh tor under weight?

That is exactly when the BMI range comes into picture. The easiest way for us to understand it is to take a look at it below:

BMI Range Table

BMI RangeWeight Status Category
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 to 24.9Healthy Weight
25 to 29.9Overweight
30 or aboveObese

So as you can see from the above BMI Range table, we are underweight if our BMI turns out to be below 18.5

But if our BMI calculator outputs a value between 18.5 to 24.9, then we are at our healthy weight!

On the other hand, if our BMI is between 25 to 29.9, we are considered overweight.

But if our BMI is more than 30, we are considered as obese.

Pretty handy way to find it out then. Yeah? 😉

So what ever value we get, at the end of the day, we will get to know if we are healthy or not. Now that is all that really matters, eh?


So there you have it. This is why you need to use the BMI calculator for men app given above to check your BMI. But if you still have any thing to ask, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to answer you!

So with that said, we will end this article over here. Hope you were able to check your BMI value and learnt to take the right action from now on.

If you want to stay healthy, make sure you keep your body weight under control. If you need some more ideas about it, do read this blog for more. Hope you have a great healthy life ahead! Cheers guys!

Want to keep your Blood Pressure (BP) level in check? Then check this Best Pulse Oximeter buying guide.


Best Pulse Oximeter In 2020 Reviews For You

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Pulse Oximeter available to buy in 2020. You can buy them online on sites like Amazon and use it to self test on your own.

But before we look into the best Pulse Oximeter, we should first know why we want to use it in the first place. Right? Since knowing what it actually does will help us in making a better decision on which one to buy. Do you agree with me? Great! So then let us do just that. Let us first learn what is the use of a Pulse Oximeter.

What Is A Pulse Oximeter?

A Pulse Oximeter is a medical device used to test and monitor the amount of oxygen present in a person’s blood. So that is what it does. It just looks for the amount of oxygen present in a person’s blood and alert you in case if this drops below a certain level!

Alright. It all sounds great. But here are the next set of question we will have then. Why are we monitoring the amount of Oxygen in the blood in the first place? What is the use of it? What makes it so important?

You must be having these questions right? Great! So let us try to dig further to understand why we need to monitor the amount of Oxygen in our blood in the first place. Alright? Cool! Here we go!

Why to measure oxygen in blood?

So as you all know, we get oxygen into our body by breathing. Right? But why does our body need oxygen in the first place? Hmm..let me explain you.

So here is the thing. You all agree that we need to energy to move around right? But did you know that, that is not the only time we spend energy from our body? Yes, you read that right!

Because, even if we are not moving around and decide to sit in a place, we will still continue to burn energy in our body. So why is that, you ask? That is because the organs in our body also needs energy to function.

So our body organs such as heart, kidney, liver, lungs etc all need to burn some amount of energy in them to continue their function. As a result, we will continue to burn energy even when we are sitting or sleeping idle in a corner of our house!

Alright. We understood all that, but what is the role of oxygen in all this, you ask? Well, that is a great question!

So you see, every time we want to burn energy, we need oxygen to do so! Now, I don’t want to go in detail on why that is the case and bog you down with too much of information.

So if you are really curious about it, I will ask you to go read more about Oxygen from this Wikipedia article. But for the rest of the case, just know that oxygen is required to burn calories to release energy.

Does that make sense? Great! Then let us move on to our next question.

How is oxygen transported in our body?

So now we know that we need oxygen to release energy in our body, right? Cool! But here is the thing. We breath oxygen into our body right.

But how does this get transported to all other parts of our body? Yes, you guessed it right! It is through the blood flowing in our body. So, the blood will carry oxygen along with many other useful things in it through out the body.

So this is the real reason why we want to test the amount of oxygen in our body. Because measuring this will tell us how healthy our body is. And if you have symptoms of sickness, breathing problem or Corona symptoms, you will be able to detect it by measuring the blood oxygen level!

Phew! That was quite a bit of information to read through, right? We know! But without going into this much of detail, it is very difficult to explain the role of measuring oxygen in blood. So we had to do so! But I hope it was all worth it. I hope it was a good learning for you guys!

So now that we know why we need to measure oxygen levels in blood, let us now learn how the Pulse Oximeter helps us in doing that.

So in other words, we will learn know the Pulse Oximeter works. Alright? Now don’t get alarmed when I say this. Because I know that not many of you will have a technical background. Or you people really want to know the nitty gritty details of it. So do not worry. I wont bog you down with any technical details.

We will just learn how a Pulse oximeter works at a higher level. Sounds good? Great! So let us get going then!

How Does A Pulse Oximeter Work?

So we learnt earlier that blood is the transporter of oxygen in out body, right? But I need to clarify this one other thing. The blood carries oxygen using what are called Haemoglobins molecules. So they are the actual transporters of the oxygen in our blood. Like cars on our roads, Alright?

Oxygenated & De-Oxygenated Haemoglobin Molecules

So the haemoglobin molecules having oxygen in them are called oxygenated haemoglobin. While on the other hand, the one which do not have oxygen in them yet are called de-oxygentated haemoglobin.

So why am I talking about all that when learning how a Pulse Oximeter work?

Well, you see the way a Pulse Oximeter works is by using the physical properties of this molecule – haemoglobin.

Wait what? So we need to learn about its physical characteristics now? Hmm…no not really.

I will not bog you down with too many details on the haemoglobin’s physical properties. But what I will do is to focus on only one of it’s physical property – its light absorption property.

So you see, when a haemoglobin molecule is carrying oxygen in it, it can observe all the light rays passed into it. On the other hand, when it does not have oxygen in it, it lets the light rays pass through it.

So it is using this property that the Pulse Oximeter is built.

Wait, how does that work then?

So what happens in a Pulse Oximeter is that you are asked to insert your finger into a slot in it. Now when you do that, the Pulse Oximeter will pass light rays through your finger. It will then try to read the amount of light passed through your finger.

So in that way, it can detect the amount of oxygen present in your blood. Pretty neat to use Physics like that. Isn’t it? 🙂

So now that we have a pretty good understanding of how a Pulse Oximeter works, it is now time for us to see which are the best Pulse Oximeters available in 2020 for us to buy online. Are you ready? Great! Let us go ahead then!

Best Pulse Oximeter To Buy In 2020

1. Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate Pro Pulse Oxiemeter - 500DL Series
Zacurate Pro Pulse Oxiemeter – 500DL Series

The Zacurate Pro 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that you can carry around without any issues. But the best thing about this is not that. The reason why we recommend this is because of its “Self Adjusting Spring Feature”.

So what does that mean? It means that you can use this device to test people with different finger size. So in other words, you can use this single Pulse Oximeter device to test both yourself and your children as well!

The Oxygen level readings are displayed on its bright LED display that are easier to read both in indoor and outdoor conditions.

In addition to this, the Zacurate Pro Pulse Oximeter also comes with free battery pack that can give you upto 30 hours of power to run the Oximeter.

You can buy this Best Pulse Oximeter on Amazon.

2. Santa Medicals Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Gen 2 SM-165

Our next pick of the best Pulse Oximeter in 2020 goes to Santa Medicals’ Gen 2 SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

Best Pulse Oximeter of 2020 - Santa Medicals Gen 2 SM-165
Best Pulse Oximeter of 2020 – Santa Medicals Gen 2 SM-165

So this Pulse Oximeter device is again handy and portable, just like the earlier one. However, where it excels is in its bright OLED screen used to display the results. Now as you can see form the image above, the SM-165 Pulse Oximeter also displays your heart beats using nice graphics.

The batteries that come with this Pulse Oximeter works for 30 hours as well. Just like our previous Pulse Oximeter.

So all in all it one of the best Pulse Oximeter out there that is simple to use!

You can buy SM-165 Pulse Oximeter from Amazon here.

So that is it. These were some of the best Pulse Oximeters we could find in 2020 that you can buy online. Do let us know if you need any help in making your purchasing decision by leaving comments below. We will be glad to assist you in that. Alright?

So take care & see you until next time! Cheers!

Want to know more about the Coronavirus Pandemic? Check this out!


Coronavirus In The US – How Many Cases Are There?

The Coronavirus in the US has been on the rise off late. So in this article, we will take a look at it’s growth. But not just that, we will also see what we can do to stop it from growing. So this going to get a bit technical as we go, with numbers and all that. So take a cup of coffee with you if you need and join us as we start our journey.

Coronavirus in the US
Total Number Of Coronavirus In The US

Are you ready now? Great! So let us get started!

Total Number Of Cases For Coronavirus In The US

Number Of Corona Virus Cases In The US As Of 18 March 2020

So as of 18th March 2020, the total number of Coronavirus In The US is at 6524. But how did we reach at this number? Was it a slow progress or a sudden spike in the number of Coronavirus cases in the US?

Well, to answer this, we first need to know how the US got it’s first Coronavirus case. So let us start from there. Alright?

Where was the first case of Coronavirus reported?

If you look at the history of Coronavirus, you will see that it all first started in China in 2019. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right!

We got to know about the first case of the Coronavirus from China. How do we know this? Because it was first reported in a wet market of Wuhan city in the Hubei province of China.

But wait, what is a wet market you ask?

Alright, let us know more about that first! China has a number of markets where lots of exotic wild animals and sea foods are sold. It is these markets that we call as the “wet markets” of China.

So the first case of Coronavirus is traced back to one of these wet markets in Wuhan city of China.

Ok, if that made sense, then you might now be thinking how did it start from there? Right?

Now that is a great question to ask, indeed. But, it so happens that no one is clear on this. So, we have a lot of theories floating around on how it could have started. One such theory is that it could have come into humans by eating the wild animals sold in this wet market.

But now that we do not know how it all started, we have this other problem in front of us. It is that without knowing the origin of the COVID-19 virus, it is becoming difficult for doctors to find a cure for it!

When Was The First Reported Case Of Coronavirus In The US?

Well, according to this report, we got to know about the first case of Coronavirus in the US on January 19, 2020. So this was the first ever case of the Coronavirus in US. But from that day onwards to this day, we now have a total of 6524 cases in the US.

Now among this, we have a total of 17 patients who have recovered already. However, we also have about 114 people who have died due to the Coronavirus so far in the US.

So this was a brief notes on the current state of Coronavirus impact in the US. But we are just hoping and praying that these numbers come down soon.

While this is the case in the US, the impact of Coronavirus is getting quite severe in Europe these days. So let us have our them in our thoughts and prayers and hope they have a speedy recovery as well.

But are you looking for its impact around the world? Then here Is A List Of Countries Affected By The Coronavirus In 2020


List Of Countries Affected By Wuhan Or Corona Virus

Corona Virus Latest Update As Of 4 April 2020

Coronavirus Updates Across The World

Here are the latest news on Coronavirus from around the world:

Grand Canyon closes to stop tourists infecting others [Reference]
Over 100 doctors & nurses have died across the world while treating for Coronavirus [Reference]
More than 500 die overnight in New York due to Coronavirus outbreak [Reference]
Over 10,000 Italian hospital workers tested positive. [Reference]

Current COVID-19 Virus Spread Status – Last Updated On 23 March 2020

COVID-19 Corona Virus Update Around The World

Total Number Of People Infected337556
Total Number Of Deaths14654
Total Number Of People Recovered98884
Total Number Of Countries Affected193

Countries With Largest Increase In Cases

CountryTotal Number Of People InfectedRecent Change In NumbersRecent Change In Percentage
United States33546+642623.7%
United Kingdom5683+66513.3%

List Of Countries Affected By The Corona Virus

CountryTotal InfectedActive CasesDeathsRecovered
South Korea896156841113166
United States3354632949419178
United Kingdom5683530928193
Czech Republic1120111316
Saudi Arabia51149417
Hong Kong3182144100
San Marino175151204
United Arab Emirates153113238
South Africa2742722

Check here for the Corona Virus Latest Update In The US

[CORONA UPDATE] – Confirmed COIVD-19 Corona Cases List As Of 14 March 2020

Total number of people infected by the Wuhan Corona Virus as of 14 March 2020 has now increased to 145,369 people. Among this, 80,971 people are from China which is still leading in the COVID-19 virus infected numbers. But it is soon followed by Italy which has Corona virus infected numbers at 17,660. So Italy is the fastest growing country in the world as of now in terms of the Corona virus spread across the country. The third leading country in terms of Corona virus infection is Iran which now stands at 11,364 people. Iran is also struggling to keep the numbers down.

But South Korea, which has the fourth largest number of Corona virus infected people has done remarkably well amidst all the other countries in the world. While the number of people infected by the Wuhan Corona virus in South Korea is at 8086, it has brought down the spread remarkably well.

The total number of deaths because of the Corona virus is currently at 5429. China is still leading here with 3075 deaths which is soon followed by Italy which has seen a total of 1266 deaths until now. This is followed by 514 deaths in Iran and 133 deaths in Spain.

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US has already declared this as a state of National emergency. So far the number of people infected by the Corona virus is at 2174 in the US.

Norway has also seen an increase in the number of Corona virus infected cases. As of 14 March 2020, Norway has a total of 996 infected cases in the country. It is soon followed by its neighbouring country Sweden which has the infection count at 814 people.

List Of Confirmed Corona Virus Cases As Of 11 March 2020

The total confirmed cases of COVID 19 aka Corona virus has now increased to 119,132. Out of this, there has been a death of 4,284 people while 65,776 of them have recovered from it successfully. Below a list of confirmed cases of the COVID 19 Corona virus split into different countries.

South Korea7755
Czech Republic63
San Marino51
Saudi Arabia20

Find The Latest Corona Map Update Under Introduction Section [Last Updated On 05 March 2020]

Total Infected Count Around The World As Of 05 March 2020 – 95416.

Checkout The Conrona Virus Latest Update Map Here

[Update as of 02-March-2020]: There is a steep increase in the total number of people infected by COVID-19 aka Corona virus across the world now! So we now have a total of 89,071 people across the world who are now infected by the Wuhan Virus. Among these, 45,064 have recovered while 3,039 people are dead by the Corona virus until now.

But among these, we have a total of 80,026 Chinese people who are infected by the virus. But on the other hand, the number of Corona virus infected people in South Korea raised to 4,212 until now. On the other hand, the number of people infected in Italy has also increased to 1,694 people until now! But that is not all there to it. Because we now have 978 people infected by the Covid-19 virus in Iran.

So for latest updates, follow our live news and discussions thread on the Corona virus in our Groups here.

Previous Updates

Corona Virus January 2020 Updates

[UPDATE as of 23-Feb-2020]: The total number of people infected by the Corona Virus aka COVID-2019 across the world has surged to as high as 78,823! Among this, the majority of the infected people among this is from China with a report of as high as 76,936 people.

Updates On South Korea & Japan

But off late, the virus infection toll has taken a quick rise in South Korea and Japan as well. The total number of people infected by the Corona Virus aka COVID-2019 in South Korea stands at 602. On the other hand the Wuhan Corona virus infection count in Japan currently stands at 135!

So far, the total number of people who are dead by the COVID-2019 infection stands at 2,462. But at the same time, 23,319 people have recovered from it as well.

[UPDATE 5 as of 7-Feb-2020]: Total number of Corona virus infected rises to 31,377. But there also have been reports of 638 deaths so far and 1541 people recovered from the virus as well.

[UPDATE 4 as of 6-Feb-2020]: Total number of deaths due to Corona Virus rises to 565. Total number of Wuhan virus infected stands at 28,233.

So it seems to be spreading fast in South East Asian countries with Japan infected count reaching up to 45. In Singapore it has gone up to 28, while Thailand infected count is at 25. But South Korea is reporting at 23 while Hong Kong now has a total of 21 suspects reported infected with the Wuhan virus. Check out the table below in this article for a more detailed break up of the spread of Corona virus (nCoV) across the world.

[UPDATE 3 on 5-Feb-2020]: Total death toll now rises to 494. Total number of people confirmed to be infected around the world stands at 24,631.

Among this, with 24,405 confirmed infected reports, China is currently leading at the top position. However, this is soon followed by Japan which is at the second position. Japan is now reporting that a total of 35 people are infected in the country.

Corona Virus January 2020 Updates

[UPDATE 1 on 30-Jan-2020]: First ever case of Corona Virus has now been reported from India and Philippines! Read more about it at the end of this article.


Total Infected Count Around The World As Of 05 March 2020 – 95416

In this article, we will take a look at the list of countries affected by the Corona virus. Since this virus came from the Chinese city of Wuhan, it is called the Wuhan virus as well.

Corona Virus World Map For 05 March 2020

[leaflet-map fitbounds zoomcontrol doubleclickzoom][leaflet-marker color="red" address="wuhan"]China - 80409 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="seoul"]South Korea - 5766 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="iran"]Iran - 2922 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="italy"]Italy - 3089 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="tokyo"]Tokyo - 331 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="paris"]France - 285 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="berlin"]Germany - 262 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="spain"]Spain - 222 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="singapore"]Singapore - 110 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="new york"]USA - 159 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="hong kong"]Hong Kong - 105 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="kuwait"]Kuwait - 56 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="switzerland"]Switzerland - 90 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="london"]UK - 85 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="bahrain"]Bahrain - 52 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="thailand"]Thailand - 43 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="taiwan"]Taiwan - 42 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="sydney"]Australia - 52 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="malaysia"]Malaysia - 50 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="oslo"]Norway - 32 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="canada"]Canada - 34 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="iraq"]Iraq - 35 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="amsterdam"]Netherlands - 38 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="sweden"]Sweden - 35 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="abu dhabi"]UAE - 27 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="austria"]Austria - 29 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="vietnam"]Vietnam - 16 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="belgium"]Belgium - 23 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="lebanon"]Lebanon - 13 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="israel"]Israel - 15 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="oman"]Oman - 15 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="iceland"]Iceland - 26 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="san marino"]San Marino - 16 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="macau"]Macau - 10 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="croatia"]Croatia - 9 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="qatar"]Qatar - 07 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="ecuador"]Ecuador - 10 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="greece"]Greece - 09 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="denmark"]Denmark - 10 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="finland"]Finland - 07 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="czech republic"]Czech Republic - 08 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="algeria"]Algeria - 12 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="india"]India - 28 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="pakistan"]Pakistan - 05 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="mexico"]Mexico - 05 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="georgia"]Georgia - 03 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="philippines"]Philippines - 03 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="russia"]Russia - 03 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="romania"]Romania - 04 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="azerbaijan"]Azerbaijan - 03 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="indonesia"]Indonesia - 02 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="brazil"]Brazil - 04 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="portugal"]Portugal - 05 Infected[/leaflet-marker][leaflet-marker address="egypt"]Egypt - 02 Infected[/leaflet-marker]

List Of Countries Affected By Corona Virus
List Of Countries Affected By Corona Virus

But before we look into the list of countries affected by the it, let us first learn what it is. But we wont just stop there. Because we will dig up more to learn how it is spreading around the world. So that once we know these, we can then learn how to prevent it from affecting us.

Do you agree with me? Alright then. Let us start from there. Here we go!

What Is A Corona Virus Or Wuhan Virus?

It is a new type of virus that started taking shape in China. It was first found in the Wuhan city of China. We think that the Corona virus got into the human body after eating snake carrying the virus in it.

But since this is still early, the real reason behind it is yet to be verified. But in any case, that is how we believe (at least for now) as to how the virus entered the human body.

When was the Wuhan virus first reported?

So that is a good question to ask. From what we gather, the first case of the Corona virus was reported in China in December 2019. It was first reported in the city of Wuhan. However, it did not take long to spread across the entire country.

How many people has the Corona virus killed till now?

So as of today, we have 170 total deaths reported from across the world. However, you should keep in mind that not all deaths reported are from China right away. So this number can still be low.

How many people has the Corona virus affected till now?

Now that is a good question to ask. From the data we have seen so far, we have a total of 7783 people affected by it. Out of this 7678 of them are from China alone.

What Are The List Of Countries Affected By Corona Virus?

So as of now, a total of 20 countries are affected by the Wuhan virus. Out of this, we have already spoken about China. But the list doesn’t end there.

Because the virus has quickly spread out to other countries as well. So wondering where else it has spread? Do not worry. Because we got you covered with that info as well!

So below is the list of countries affected by the virus. But we are afraid this list is not the end of it all. Because everyday we keep hearing new countries that are getting the virus as well.

But this is the current set of countries we have at this moment, where the virus presence is confirmed. So here you go!

List Of Countries Affected By Corona Virus [Last Updated: 06 Feb 2020]

Country NameNo. Of People Affected By Conrona Virus
South Korea23
Hong Kong21
United Arab Emirates5
Sri Lanka1

So from the above table, you can see that most of the cases of the virus has been reported in Mainland China. However, as the tourists and Chinese traveled to other countries, the virus began to spread to other countries as well.

But from the above table we can see that the spread is still contained for the most part to only South East Asian countries. So we can say that the spread is still well contained.

So only few reports of the virus presence is detected in the patients from the West. As we can see above, only 5 cases in the US and 3 from Canada has reported for the Wuhan virus until now.

While that is a great news, we should still be careful enough. Because many of the cases might still not be getting reported at all in the first place.

So there you go. We have listed out all the countries affected by the Corona virus as of Jan 2020. So be careful about this virus and keep track of the spread of it.

Knowing how it is spreading will help you in preparing for your own safety. So follow us along as we track this virus spreading across the world.

Update 1 – 30 Jan 2020

First confirmed report of Corona virus found in a student from Kerala India. The student was studying in Wuhan University of China and is said to have tested positive to the Wuhan virus.

So the virus has now officially spread to India as well!

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