Attitude Shayari In Hindi For WhatsApp & Instagram 2021

In this article, we will take a look at few attitude shayari in Hindi. Now these attitude shayari are suitable for both boys and girls alike. One can use these shayari as part of their Whatsapp status, Instagram status or as their Facebook status.

But if that is not your cup of tea, then you can also find these Attitude Shayari In Hindi as images. So you can then download these for free, right?.

So you can use these images and post them in your WhatsApp group. Or set it as your Instagram profile! Or how about make it a part of your Facebook post? Sounds great right?

And not just that! You can also set these Attitude Shayari images as your WhatsApp stories, Instagram stories or Facebook stories.

So what are you waiting for? Did I tell you can download these images for free? I think I did! So go ahead, download them and use them as you deem fit.

And if you like them, do let us know in the comment section below! We will be happy to know that it has served you well! Alright? Cheers!

Attitude Shayari In Hindi #1

हम उन #लोगो में से नहीं है जो Google पे #Status ढूंढते 🤨 है, हम उन लोगों में से है जिनके #Status लोग Google में ढूंढते हैं…😎

Attitude Shayari In Hindi #1
Attitude Shayari In Hindi #1

What does this shayari mean when translated from Hindi to English?

Well, It simply reads – “I am not a guy who goes around looking for status on Google, but rather I am the guy who’s status is searched by people on Google!”

Sounds cool or cheeky right!

Attitude Shayari In Hindi #2

अगर मेरी 😞 कोई बात से तुम्हे बुरा लगे तो, मुझे ये समझकर माफ़ कर देना की तुम 🙎‍♂️ मेरा कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ सकते…😎😏

Attitude Shayari In Hindi #2
Attitude Shayari In Hindi #2

Hindi To English Translation

“If any of my words have hurt you, then you can forgive me realizing that – You cannot do anything to me otherwise!”


These are a couple of Hindi Shayari on Attitude that I came across in 2021. While there are many other attitude shayaris out there, I found these to be really good. So I thought I should be blogging about it here and let my followers read about it.

So what do you think of these shayaris? Did you like them? Are they something you would love to use in your WhatsApp or Instagram apps? Do let us know in the comments below!


Split Videos For WhatsApp Status Or Instagram On Android

In this article, we will take a look at how to split videos for WhatsApp status or Instagram stories. Since you all know that we can upload status videos on WhatsApp, we need these tools to split or trim the videos.

But wait a second,why we do we need to do that? Well, let me explain to you as to why there is a need to do that.

Why To Split Videos For WhatsApp Status?

So here is the thing. We want to upload our videos as WhatsApp status right? But the problem here is that WhatsApp does not allow videos to be longer than 30 sec in length. So what is the solution then? Well in that case, any video longer than that needs to be split or trimmed down!

But how do we go about doing that? That is what we will explain to you in our next section!

How To Split Video For WhatsApp Status?

So in the earlier sections we understood why we need to split our videos for WhatsApp status, right? In this section we will see different ways we can do that. So are you ready for that? Cool! Then let us get started right away!

Method 1: Using WhatsApp Video Trim Feature

So the first way to split video is to use the WhatsApp’s built-in video trimming feature.

Wait what? So WhatsApp has a feature to split videos? Yes, it does so! WhatsApp has a feature to trim videos to upload it as WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp Video Editor
WhatsApp Video Editor

So how do we do that? Here are the steps you need to follow to do that.

How To Split Video Using WhatsApp Video Trim Feature

  1. Click On My Status Option

    Open your WhatsApp app, click on the status button and click on the “My Status” option in it.WhatsApp Status Button

  2. Select Your Video

    Now you need to select the video from the gallery. This is the video you want to trim and upload as your status video.

  3. Split The Video

    Using the slider provided, select a 30 second window in the video. So this will be the part of the video that gets trimmed down and ready to be uploaded as your WhatsApp status video. You can move the slider on either sides to select the beginning and ending part of the video.Video Split For WhatsApp Status

  4. Upload The Video As You WhatsApp Status

    So now that you have your trimmed 30 sec WhatsApp status video ready, it is time to upload it. You can do that by clicking on the Send button.

Method 2: Split Videos Using Video Editor Apps

So in the second method, we will use 3rd party video editor apps to split our videos. But before we discuss this method, there is one question we need to ask ourselves.

Why are we going for a 3rd party video editor app when we already have video editing support in WhatsApp itself?

Any guess? Think about it a bit before moving down to find the reason behind it.

Alright, is any guess? Let me tell you the reason behind it.

Well you see, the video editing feature by WhatsApp is all well and good if you have a single video to edit. However, what if you want to use multiple videos and edit them to make a 30 sec status video?

You guessed it right. You just cant do that with WhatsApp Video Editor. So to work aroud that, we will make use of 3rd party video editor apps.

So the idea behind this is to install a good 3rd party video editor app onto your smartphone. You can then use this editor to add multiple videos, combine them and trim them down to 30 sec videos.

Once you are done with it, you can then upload them as your WhatsApp status video. It makes sense right? Great!

So what then are some of the best video editor apps for Android out there?

Well, there are many good video editors that are both free and paid apps. So which one you should use really depends on how much you are willing to spend. So it completely depends upon you.

But in any case we find these video editors to be good for splitting videos for WhatsApp.

Few Video Editor Apps On Android For WhatsApp Status Video

  • WhatCut Pro App
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Power Director
  • Viva Video
  • Funimate etc

So as you can see, there a are a bunch of video editor apps available for Android. You can use either of these apps to create your 30 second WhatsApp status video.

Now since each one of these apps work differently, I wont be explaining to you how to work with each of them. I will let you download and explore them by yourselves on that.

But if you found some other app that are good for this, do let me know in the comments below and I will add them to the list above.

Method 3: Using Online Video Editor To split Videos For For WhatsApp Status

The third and final option we recommend you to use are the online video editors available on the internet. Now there are a plethora of web apps that you can use to edit your videos online. But they come with their own set of problems.

What are they, you ask?

Disadvantages of Online Video Editors

Well for one, you need to have good internet connection to use them. Why is that?

That is because you will be required to upload your videos to the online video editor’s servers. So, if your video file size is too big, your internet speed better be good for quick upload. Or else you will end up waiting forever uploading the video files.

Advantages of Online Video Editors

But on the other hand, this will be a good option to go for editing your videos for WhatsApp if your smartphone is running low on battery. Why is that?

It is because all the video processing will take place in the web app’s server side. So your smartphone will not be doing much work other than uploading the video and downloading edited video. Since that real editing happens on the web server, your smartphone’s battery power will not be used.

There is one more advantage to using online video editors. Since most of the video editing happens on the web server that are more powerful than your smartphones, you will have good editing options. Why so?

Well, as you know editing video files are very resource intensive.

Wait..what do mean by that?

What it means is that video editing requires powerful processors and memory. Since web servers will definitely have better processors and memory than your smartphones, they will always be better.

So what does that mean to you?

It simply means that you will have more video editing features than what you will see on your smartphone video editor apps.

So there you have it. These were some of the ways you can edit your videos for your WhatsApp Status. Each of these methods come at its own advantages and disadvantages. So which one you should use will completely depend on your requirement.

So hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries or comments about it, do let us know in the comment section below.

So until next time. take care!

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Happy Hug Day 2020 Images, Quotes & Best Wishes

In this article, we will look at a list of Happy Hug Day 2020 images. So you can download these best wishes pics for free in HD. You can then share them on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook with your loved ones.

So is this some thing that excites you? Great! Then let us start taking a look at them.

But wait a second! Before we do that, will it not make sense to know more about the Hug day itself? That makes more sense right? Yeah you agree with me here on that? Great! Then let us do just that! Let us first learn what a Hug day is in the first place. Alright? Great! So, here we go!

What Is A Hug Day?

The Hug day falls on the fifth day of the Valentine week. Okay. But that just begs us to ask the next question. What do we do on that day?

Glad you asked that. Because many people who celebrate the hug day do not know what or why have it in the first place. So, learning more about it is the right way to go!

So what we do on the Hug Day is to send out our greetings to our loved ones. In other words, it is a day of us being thankful for their comfortable shoulders they give to us all the time. It is the day to show that we are glad to have them in our lives. So it is the day we let them know how much their presence in our lives means to us!

Does this all makes sense to you? Great! So this is the day we send out all our love to them to let them know how much they mean to us! Alright? So that is what this day is all about!

Alright, so now that we know why we have the Hug Day, It is time to answer the next question we have.

When Do We Celebrate Happy Hug Day In 2020?

So in 2020, we celebrate the Hugs Day on the 5th day of the Valentine week. Therefore, in other words we send our best wishes for the Hugs day on 12 February 2020.

So there you go! That was a brief introduction to the Hugs Day. But now that we know more about it, it is time for us to take a look at all the Happy Hug Day pics we have lined up for you this year. Alright, are you ready for it? Great! Then let us go!

Happy Hug Day 2020 Image Download #1

So here is our first Hug day 2020 photo for you! Take a look at it!

Wish You Happy Hug Day 2020 Image Download For Free
Wish You Happy Hug Day 2020 Image Download For Free

So this is our first Hugs Day 2020 picture for you to download for free! How is it? Did you like it? Or do you want me to tell you more about this pic? Yeah? Alright, no problem! Here we go!

So let us take a look at this Hug Day photo once again. Alright? What do you see?

What we see is that it is a cute Hug Day image with a nice Teddy bear animation drawing in it. Right? It also has those nice and beautiful little hearts flying around it that adds more style to it. Do you agree?

But not just that! The fact that is on a black background gives it a dark theme to it. Now, not all may like dark themes. But the pink bear on the black background will be the best combo you can have to set it as your wallpaper as well. Right?!

Hug Day Quotes

But on the other hand, if we look at the Hug Day quote present in that image, what do you see. We see that the quote reads:

On this day my love, I wish you a Happy Hug Day!

Now what do you think about this Hug day quote? Do you like it? Yeah, you should be. Because the Hug day message in it is short, sweet and straight to the point, right? So that is what makes it so special!

But for some reason you did not like this photo, then do not worry, we have more lined up just for you! Take a look at them below!

Download Happy Hug Day 2020 Picture For Free #2

So, here is our next image. Take a look at it below!

Happy Hug Day 2020 Picture For Free Download
Happy Hug Day 2020 Picture For Free Download

So, what do you want to say about this Hug day pic? Did you like it? Cool! No? Alright, let me tell you why this Hug day photo is a good one. Okay? So sit tight! We are in for a nice little journey here! Alright? So here we go!

So we like this Hug day PNG image because it is simple and to the point. It is a pic that you can share with your girl friend, boy friend, fiance, husband or your wife!

Wait what? What is so special about it that it makes it that good, you ask? Alright. Let me answer it here!

You see, we will talk about it in steps.


So as the first step, let us take a look at the color combinations used in this image. Alright?

What we see is that this Hug day pic is using a yellow background with black characters in it. So what does this mean? Well, yellow is a color of energy. So when you look at this photo, what you see is a couple with full of passion and energy when being together. So this is a perfect image to share if you are young or newly married! Does that make sense? Cool!

Hug Day Quotes

So then we now move on to the next step. In this step we will take a look at the Hug Day message used in this greeting card. Alright? What does it say? It says:

My arms are wide open to hug you close to my Heart!

Now that is a short and sweet message to say on a Hug Day to your partner, right? Cool!

So that is why we think this is the best Hug day image you can send to your loved ones. Alright? Great!

But if you are still not happy with the above Hug day pics, then do not worry. We have some more images for you below! Take a look at it!

Happy Hug Day 2020 Photo Download #3

Happy Hug Day 2020 Photo Download For Free
Happy Hug Day 2020 Photo Download For Free

So here is our next Hugs Day photo. Now this is a nice photo of a couple hugging each other. So what do you think about this?

Again, we will take a look at the Hug day quotes used in this picture. What do you see? It reads some thing like:

If a hug tells you how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever!

Now that is one hug day romantic quote you can say to win anyone’s heart right? We think that is the best thing about this photo! It is what makes this Hug day image a special one! You agree with us right?

But if you are still not happy with any of these hug day pics, then do not worry. Take a look at these pics instead!

Free Hug Day Image With Your Own Custom Love Message Sent To Your Email

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Happy Promise Day 2020 Images For Free Download