Happy Lohri Images Download In HD For Free 2020

In this article we will take a look at a set of Happy Lohri Images that you can Download for free. You can download all these Happy Lohri images of 2020 wishes in HD. So you can download them for free and use it to wish people on Lohri 2020. But not just that! You will also be able to use these Lohri 2020 pictures and greetings in your WhatsApp, Instagram or as your wallpaper.

So you can simply set them as your WhatsApp DP or Instagram DP. But you can also use these Lohri HD Images as your WhatsApp Status or in your Instagram Stories. Or you can also use them as your profile pictures in Facebook, tiktok or other apps.

So with that in mind, let us start looking into each of these HD Lohri images one by one. It’s time for us to begin our journey. So brace yourself!

Happy Lohri 2020 Image Download #1

Happy Lohri 2020 Wishes Image Download in HD For Free
Happy Lohri 2020 Greetings HD Image Download For Free

So when we look at the above Lohri greeting card, we see that it is a simple one. But, the color contrast used in this greeting card displays the energy and the hope we find in the Lohri festival. This picture shows the true meaning of Lohri 2020.

The yellow color in this Lohri 2020 image marks the new beginning. On the other hand the grass in its green color represents hope and prosperities.

So when you send out this Lohri 2020 image to your friends, you are wishing them the best of 2020 and a new hope. So download these Lohri images and wish your friends a happy Lohri 2020!

Instagram Happy Lohri 2020 Image Download For Free In HD

Greeting Card For Lohri 2020 For Instagram
Happy Lohri 2020 Wishes Image Download For Instagram in HD

Now this is a Happy Lohri 2020 image that is best to be used in Instagram or WhatsApp DP. You can send this Lohri 2020 image to your friends and families to tell them your best wishes.

The best thing about this Lohri 2020 image is that it is in black background. This will be liked by many of your friends who love the color black!

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Wishing You A Very Happy Lohri 2020 Free Image #3

Wish You A Very Happy Lohri 2020 Free Image Download
Wish You A Very Happy Lohri 2020

So in this greeting card for Lohri 2020, we are sending a simple message. We are wishing them a great celebration of Lohri 2020 through this image. You should download and use this Lohri image if you are planning to send this to your office colleagues.

You can also use this image to wish your clients a happy Lohri 2020. Since this greeting card is straight to the point, they will appreciate it a lot! 🙂

Best Wishes For Lohri 2020 To Send On WhatsApp #4

WhatsApp Image OFor Happy Lohri 2020 Wishes
WhatsApp Image OFor Happy Lohri 2020 Wishes

So here is another Lohri 2020 wishes image that you can use to wish your friends and families on WhatsApp. You can also use this image to wish your followers for Lohri 2020 on Instagram.

Since it contains a kite that represents Lohri, it is the best image to share with your families. This image represents the culture in a more modern way. So they will be happy to receive this image from you. What do you think? 😉

Happy Lohri Images Download #5

Happy Lohri 2020 Greeting card Image Download in HD For Free
Happy Lohri Greetings For The Year 2020

But now we are reaching the end of the article. So this will be our final Lohri 2020 image that you can download and use to wish your friends.

Since this is going to be the last image, I wanted to make sure it’s something special. So what we see here on this last Lohri greeting card is that it has mixed styles to it. This Lohri image has both modern and classic designs mixed into it.

So this will make this Lohri 2020 wishes a special one. It will make your friend think on the roots of Lohri but also enjoy it in the present modern world. A great message to send to your friends of your own age. What do you think? 😉


So that’s it! These were some of the images on Lohri 2020 that I wanted to share with you. Hope you liked it and planned to download it. Send these images on all social media platforms to wish your friends and family a very happy Lohri 2020!

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