Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Answers For January 2020

In this article, we will take a look at the Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz. So we will look at the questions asked in this quiz and try to answer them!

Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Jan 2020
Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Jan 2020

So the thing is, Amazon is running this Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz to let people know of it’s sale. Hence, to spread more details on it, it is running this quiz.

Therefore, all the questions in it’s Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz is on that!

Hmm, this will then bring us to this next question then. What are the questions in the quiz that Amazon is asking in that case? Will we be able to answer them?

Don’t you worry on that! Even though they are all about the Amazon sales, we will still be able to answer them all with ease!

Cool! Then, let us start to take a look at the quiz now! Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Amazon Great Indian Sale Quiz Answers

1. Using which bank’s credit card can you avail up to 10% instant discount on shopping during the Great Indian Sale on


2. No Cost EMI can be availed on products above ____ value?

Rs 3000

3. Golden hour deals are exclusive app only deals for you during the Great Indian Sale. When can you avail the Golden hour deals?


4. Prime members get early access to the Great Indian Sale. When does the sale start for them?

12noon, 18th Jan. Check the calendar here.

5. When does the Great Indian Sale start for all customers on

19th Jan Check the calendar here.

So there you have it! We just answered all the questions in the quiz. And none of them was difficult, is it not?

As you can see from the above quiz, all of the questions in them were talking about the coming Amazon sales event. But we could answer all the questions just by looking into their sales page on their website. So none of the questions were outside this.

What is so cool about this quiz is that if we win it, we will get a prize money of Rs.25,000! Isn’t this awesome!

So let us hope we win this one! All the best guys!

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