Happy Sankranti 2020 Images With Best Wishes & Messages

Here is a list of Images you can use to wish a Happy Sankranti 2020 with your loved ones. You can download these pictures and send it to your family groups on WhatsApp. You can also use these images on Instagram or set them as your DP! So, download them and use them as you wish!

But before we take a look at these Happy Sankranti 2020 Images, let us first learn what Sankranti is.

What Is Makara Sankranti?

Makara Sankranti is an Indian festival. It is celebrated by Hindus. One of the main highlight of this festival is that it marks the end of winter solstice and the beginning of summer. So, in other words, it is the day from when we start having longer day light time.

But you may ask, why Sankranti is so important?

Well, that is a good question! The reason Sankranti is important is because it is an important day for farmers. You see, the farmers in South India will wait until this festival to begin their crop harvesting.

So, when this day comes they are ready to get back to their fields! So what they do is they prepare some sweets like Pongal. They will decorate their oxes and head to the fields!

Since this marks the time when they can harvest their crops and sell it, it is a big deal for them. As they can finally make some money out of it, they want to celebrate it. And that is why Sankranti becomes an important day of their life!

But anyways, that should have given you a brief background by now. So let us not delay any further. We will start looking into our pictures now. Alright? So let’s go!

Happy Sankranti 2020 Images In HD For Download #1

Happy Sankranti 2020 HD Image For Free Download
Happy Sankranti 2020 HD Image For Free Download

So this is a simple image that is wishing A Happy Sankranti 2020. It is one of the best Sankranti 2020 image we have.

We particularly liked the color combination in this Sankranti picture. If you look at it, you can see that it is having more focus on Green color. Now, this is a color that is best used to represent farmers. So we find it very apt for Sankranti! What do you guys think?

But it is not just the color that made us like this Pongal image better than others. If you look at the Sankranti Quotes used to wish in this image, it reads:

Let happiness fill your life as the sun lights the world!

Quite a good quote, don’t you think?

It makes you have hope about the future. It makes you think in a positive way. So, it brings in a cheer on your face. Admit it. You do feel like that, don’t you? 😉

So that was our best Sankranti 2020 image we had to show you!

But if for some reason, you are not happy with it. Do not worry! We wont let you go feeling bad. We will show you another one! Take a look at this one!

Download Happy Sankranti 2020 Images In HD For Kids #2

Happy Makara Sankranti 2020 Free HD Image Download
Happy Makara Sankranti 2020 Free HD Image Download

Woah, what is this! This looks like a nice Sankranti 2020 cartoon image. Yes! You read it right!

This is indeed a Sankranti 2020 Image made for kids! It is wishing a Happy Sankranti using cartoons that kids these days love! This Sankranti picture is also available for download in HD.

So download it and share it with your loved one!

So that was all the images we had to share with you guys today. If you liked it, do let us know in the comments.

So from the team of Muddoo, we wish you all a Happy Sankranti 2020!

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