One Of The SpaceX Satellite Is Painted Black, Here Is Why

SpaceX will be launching its next set of Starlink satellites today. But this time, one of the SpaceX Satellite has been Painted Black. Now for those of you who don’t know what Starlink is, here is a simple introduction to it.

SpaceX Starlink Satellite will be painted black
SpaceX Starlink Satellite will be painted black

What Is Starlink?

So SpaceX, Elon Musk’s rocket company has been launching a bunch of it’s own satellites network called Starlink. The idea behind it is that these satellites will spread across the world to form a giant satellite network.

Now using this satellite network called Starlink, Elon Musk is planning to provide satellite internet access to everyone.

But in order to succeed in this, SpaceX needs to launch over 14000 satellites which is going to spread across the world. So, what they are currently doing is to launch them in tiny sets. So each launch is carrying a set of about 60 to 100 satellites at a time.

In this way, SpaceX has already managed to over 1000 satellites in the orbit at the moment.

Also, the way they are launching these satellites into Space is also nothing less than spectacular. What they are doing is to dump the entire set of satellites in one shot from the rocket. Now as these rockets float across the space, they will slowly get separated from each other. They will then move away from each other and spread themselves across the globe.

Starlink Threat To Astronomy

But astronomers are not really happy with the way things are going with Starlink launches. Because the astronomers were quick to find out that these satellites where becoming a nuisance.

The problem happens because these Starlink satellites have started reflecting too much of sun rays back to earth. Now, normally this is not a problem with other satellites. That is because they are not a lot of satellites in the space that reflect sun rays back to earth.

However, with over 14,000 satellites planned for Starlink, astronomers had started to predict that they will interfere with astronomy. Astronomers believe that these reflections from the satellites will hinder their observation of space. So, they have been rallying against Starlink’s operation.

SpaceX Solution – Satellite Is Painted Black

So to overcome this problem, SpaceX is experimenting on one of its satellite in today’s launch. What SpaceX has done is to have one of the satellite painted in black. In this way, SpaceX hopes that less amount of light gets reflected from the surface of this satellite.

Now, if they succeed in this, SpaceX will extend this to all other satellites. So other SpaceX satellite is painted black in the future as well.

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