Pongal 2020 Images, Best Wishes & Quotes

Here are some of the best Pongal 2020 Images we have for you. So, you can download these Pongal pictures in HD and use it. Since these are all HD Pongal 2020 images, you an set them as your DP or wallpaper. Or you can send them to your friends and relatives to send your Pongal 2020 best wishes to them!

Alright! So you want to download these Pongal 2020 images now. Right? But wait a second!

Before you do that, can you tell me why we celebrate Pongal in the first place? No?! Then I think you should first get to know more about it. Do you agree?

Alright then! Let us first do that then!

What is Pongal?

Pongal is an Indian festival that is mostly celebrated in the southern states. Oh ok, that sounds good. But what do we do on this day?

Hmm. It so happens that this festival is not celebrated for just one day. It is actually going to last for four days! 😮

Now now, what do they do for four days? You want to ask? Great! So here we go!

So Pongal will be celebrated for four days. But we wont do the same things on all four days. But instead, each day is special. So here is how it is going to work!

4 Days Of Pongal Explained!

Day 1 – Bogi

On the first day, we make a bonfire using wood and cow dung. We will then throw all old items in the house that we no more use into the fire.

Oh! So we just burn them all up? Well, Pretty much yes! We burn up all unused items in the house. So the idea is that we are getting rid of all unwanted things from our life and making way for the new! Now, isn’t this idea nice? Yeah? I thought so!

Cool! So that was about Bogi. But what about the next day? Did you just ask that? Alright! Let me tell you!

Day 2 – Pongal

So this is the day of Pongal? Yes, you are right! So what do we do on this day? Well, here is what we do. First we worship the Sun God.

Huh?! Yes you heard that right! Pongal is a Hindi festival where we worship the Sun God. Next, we go eat sweet rice called “Pongal” itself! Wait what? 😮

Yep! Pongal dish is cooked with rice, jaggery and lentils. We then serve this sweet dish to all! Got it? Cool! Let us move on to the next day then!

Day 3 – Mattu Ponga

Now this is a day where in we worship our cows!Yes, you read that right! This is how we show our respect to our animals. We have festival days for them!

So finally, let us see what we have got on our final day of Pongal!

Day 4 – Kaanum Pongal

This is the last day of Pongal. It is called Kaanum Pongal where we pray and show our respect towards God!

So this is it! We just saw what we do in Pongal. With that, let us now get back to our topic. Which is, to take a look at all the Pongal 2020 Images we have made for you!

Are you ready for it? Great! Let us go then!

Pongal 2020 Images For Download In HD #1

Pongal Images 2020 Download In HD For Free
Pongal Images 2020 Download In HD For Free

So, here is your first Pongal image that you can download for free. As you can see, this is an image made up of Dark background. It has the text wishing “Happy Pongal” in blue color. If you use this as your WhatsApp DP or in your Instragram stories, it will look really good! What do you say? Doesn’t this look good?

Anyways, If you are not sure if that image is what you were looking for. Do not worry! We have more images for you to check! So, let me show you the next Pongal image. Here you go!

Happy Pongal 2020 Images For Free Download In HD #2

Happy Pongal 2020 HD Image For Free Download
Happy Pongal 2020 HD Image For Free Download

So, how about this Pongal picture? Did you like it? It has a simple Pongal Quote which also quite meaningful! If you ask me, this is the best Pongal 2020 Image you will find out there! The colors, quotes everything is just perfect. Don’t you think so?

So there you go! These were some of the Happy Pongal 2020 images that I had and wanted to share with you. But are you still not happy? Do you want some more image options than what is shown here? Then check this out for more Pongal images.

Makar Sankranti 2020 Images & Happy Pongal Best Wishes

So that was about the Pongal Images. But what if you wanted to share some Pongal quotes using your WhatsApp? Is that what you are looking for? Then do not worry! We have got you covered on that as well.

Below are a set of Pongal Quotes you can share with your friends and family. So use them as you want and do let me know if you liked any of these.

Pongal 2020 Quotes

May this Pongal bring you lots of brightness to your life!

May this harvest festival guarantee you always have the best life and best food!

Let this bonfire remove all the evil thoughts and unpleasant things from your life! Have a great life ahead!

So that is all there is to it folks! If you know any more quotes you want me to add here, do let me know in the comments below!

So until next time, Have A Happy Pongal & Makar Sankranti 2020 to all of you out there! Take care!

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